With SkytableTM
the sky is the limit.

SkytableTM is an insanely fast, free and open-source, realtime NoSQL database that aims to provide flexible data modeling without compromising on performance or queryability — at scale.

Why Skytable?

Skytable has got exciting features which are ready to deploy and more amazing features on the way. If we don't have it — ask us!

Insanely fast

Scale to millions of queries per second per node with no optimizations left on the table


Automated background saving, snapshots and remote snapshots are there when you need them


Natively multithreaded to exploit all CPU cores which helps lower your TCO


Written in Rust with expert analyzed unsafe code for memory safety and TLS for encrypted connections

Resource Friendly

Have 1MB memory? That's all Skytable needs

Deploy anywhere

With no platform specific dependencies, Skytable can virtually run on anything that has an OS

Want to help us create a better database?

There are several ways to help us create your next database. We really appreciate your help!