Skytable 0.7.6: Fixes, and fixes!

August 19, 2022
By Sayan Nandan

Skytable 0.7.6 has been released, with some very critical fixes. Thanks to our community we discovered two bugs, one of which is very critical. Let’s take a quick look into those and what is currently going on at Skytable.

Bugs fixed

The cleanup bug The first bug is the most critical one. With authentication enabled, if one runs a sequence of DDL DROP commands, then the authentication table ends up getting purged on database termination due to a bug with the cleanup mechanism. This potentially means that all authentication information can be lost. This has been fixed.

There is no workaround in earlier versions as of now, other than a “limited hack.” This hack involves denying access to the data/ks/system/auth file with something like:

chown root:root data/ks/system/auth

This will cause the server to error while removing this file.

The benchmark tool The second bug that has been fixed is a rather minor bug with the sky-bench tool. To avoid an infinite loop while generating unique keys, a check was added; however, the check did not account for arithmetic overflows which resulted in a wrap-around to zero, making the tool report an error about the small sample space. This has also been fixed.

Community drivers

Our community has done outstanding work to build drivers for Skytable, and we couldn’t be more thankful. We now have drivers for C#, Go, NodeJS, PHP and Rust! You can find a full list here.

What we’re up to

You might have seen some activity on the repository, but releases have mostly been quiet other than this one. The reason is, we’re working on something big; both for the core project, and for the broader aspects of Skytable itself. Hang on with us; we promise it will be worth the wait. While you’re hanging on, download the latest release here and drop by Discord to engage with the community!

Last updated on: August 19, 2022
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