Skytable 0.7.7 (ESM) Released

March 24, 2023
By Sayan Nandan

The Skytable team is extremely happy to announce the release of Skytable 0.7.7 ESM. This is going to be a very small post, mostly covering what has been fixed. The 0.7 release track has been used for a very long time, so much that it’s hard to simply deprecate it. This is the purpose of the ESM program – which ensures that widely deployed releases still receive feature, security, performance and maintenance updates.


We made some general maintenance upgrades, upgrading dependency versions and most importantly the OpenSSL source that is packaged with the binaries. An LSKEYS bug was fixed (thanks for the report, Eric!).

A new syntax option was also added to LSKEYS; you can now run LSKEYS <entity> ALL to return all keys from a given table.

You might be hearing terms like “release track”, “ESM” and other terminology that we use quite frequently. Don’t be baffled! We’re working on a formal specification for this.

And, Octave – oh really? We’re still in the game. Still doing our thing ;) In the meantime, grab some coffee and the latest release here. Expect to hear from us soon.

Last updated on: March 24, 2023
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